What is mobile services manager? Fix it in 2 minutes

what is mobile services manager app do you want to remove it and fix it then this post will be helpful for you solve your problem.

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what is a mobile services manager?

Mobile services manager app is a system app that is installed by the manufacturer on your android device. android app mobile services manager This application consumes a lot of mobile data without notifying the user it will update automatically without showing any notification to android user

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the mobile services manager is a part of the installation for almost all android devices the sometimes mobile carrier get paid to promote the apps and to install those apps in your android device or they automatically update your phone

The big cellular companies use this mobile services manager and they promote sponsored apps later they get installed in your andriod device makes your device to run slow due to a lot of apps installed in your android device

Do I need to deactivate mobile services manager?

As you know that this app updates the unwanted apps make your device fill with unwanted data so it’s better to remove the app or not its all up to your choice whether you need it or not if u like auto-update your app let it be there or if don’t want they disable the mobile service manager. If you need to disable cqa test you can check it out

How to Disable Mobile Services Manager?

The mobile service manager is a pre-installed app so that we can’t uninstall the app we need to disable the app so lets we start the procedure

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To disable the application on Andriod device follow the procedure

  • Go to mobile settings
  • Click on my apps or application manager based on your android model
  • You will find mobile service manager or DT IGNITE
  •  Click on uninstall if available or otherwise disable it
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if above method doesn’t work then try this second method

  • simply go to your mobile Settings
  • Click on the right corner three dot for the menu option
  • click on show system
  • You will see the mobile system manager or DG ignite so choose one
  • disable or uninstall the application

so its finally over I hope this article helps you to remove the Mobile services manager app from your device

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