Canada day 2020 | Top 5 interesting facts you should know

Canada day is observed on 1st July every year and it’s a national holiday in Canada so today is the Canada day 2020 so every Canadian must excited to celebrate Canada day but unfortunately, this COVID pandemic has hit all over the world but still, you can celebrate the Canada Day with your family by spending time with them and watching favourite shows with your kids so here we move on to main facts

canada day 2020
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why Canada day is celebrated?

when the British parliament passed the British North American act. Right, this is known as the Constitution Act, 1867. Canada becomes a country on this day, firstly they named it as  Dominion Day later they have changed it in 1982. The Canada day is celebrated by all Canadians with their family and loved ones

Top 5 interesting facts about Canada

  • Canada is the second-largest country in the world it has 10 provinces and three territories
  • It has the longest coastline of any country in the world which makes them get renewable water supply
  • There are six cities in Canada which are populated more 1 million in that Montreal city is the largest French-speaking city after the Paris
  • There is a beach named Wasaga beach which is the longest freshwater beach in the world
  • 80 per cent of the population resides in city and average life life span of very Canadian is 80 years
  • They consume more fruit drinks than any other country in the world as yo that most popular Canadian star such as Dan Ackroyd and Pamela Anderson born on 1st July
  • They used to call one dollar coin as loon a bird name and two-dollar coin as toonie
  • Canadian consumes more doughnuts than any other country in the world so they have more dognuts shop all over the country
  • Most of the Canadians used to complete their sentence word using “eh”
  • The national sports of Canada is hockey and interestingly Canada hosted 3 Olympic games so far

so these are some quite interesting fact about Canada and we hope you all enjoy your Canada day 2020 with loved ones happily so stay safe and celebrate safely

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