blog vs vlog | which is best for you In 2022

Blog vs Vlog both are popular communication tool trending in their unique way. which one should u prefer blog or vlog ? Blogging and Vlogging together will generate passive income. Know what is a difference between blogs vs vlogs? for this all question we made it clear in this post. The examples are also given in this post.

blog vs vlog
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Blogging or Vlogging

It’s a time to know about Blogging and Vlogging the people have tons of knowledge to share with they have some confusion where share it blog or vlog. some people prefer to start a vlogging were some others use to start blogging so in this article we will discuss the blog or vlog which makes better money for your financial freedom.

Blogs vs Vlogs

Note; Before you start to do some research about the topic you going to start in blog or vlog. If the content is related to your hobbies then it is appreciated

So, In blog vs vlog first we Let get started with a blog

What is a Blogging?

A blog is a written text on the website where you share your views and thoughts through content, journal generally it connects with online users nowadays bloggers use infographics which is add on advantage for them to attract the users.

WordPress, Blogspot, medium etc are all places where you will often see a blogger

Starting a blog is easy and free. Learn how to start a blog and make  your business online presence globally all around the world.there are many platforms which allow you to start a blog at free of cost.blogging is a great tool for content marketing so its for the company to publish great content on their websites

You should develop good writing skills if you don’t have good writing skills it will be difficult for you to blog.if you are a good writer then a blog is for you and expresses your views and ideas about the topic you are if you are interested create a blog for free then you can try Blogger its free of cost so if you are a beginner then I would recommend you the blogger to get started your blogging career

Blogging earnings

Blogging will help you to create a passive income. In layman term earn while you sleep your own blogger is working for you in this time. there are many bloggers who earn in lakhs per month through their different niche blogging will create you the good income so there is no doubt that blogging will generate good income

Blogging pros and cons

Now,we will discuss about the pros and cons of blogging

  • Flexible – No need of any professional tools just basic laptop and writing skills
  • Investment – Investment is low compare to vlog you can buy best hosting and domain services at affordable price
  • Connect – Always connect with your audience of your niche
  • Time consumer – It will take lot of time to write a good article
  • Subscribers – It is difficult to gain subscriber compare to vlogging
  • Articles –  Articles should be unique from all to stay away from plagiarisms 

Now we will see about the second one the vlog.

Read More; Anonymous Blogging Platform

What is a vlogging?

Vlog is basically a short video content that helps to share ideas, views and information in the form of video content or anyone can use text and pictures to make video content

There are few social media platforms where people record and post there vlogs on youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Start a vlog

To start a vlog you need good equipment’s like the high quality camera to record videos and laptop or desktop to edit those videos and lighting to support the video to get better output. A high range smartphone also helps you to record a video in good quality

Ready to invest your time and money to update a vlog with informative many bloggers are updating there vlog and vloggers are maintaining their blogs with their relevant information

Nowadays everyone is searching for a solution on the internet so this is a good opportunity for all companies to give them a solution through a  vlog so that they can explain visually to their audience. if you want to start a vlog then I recommend you to start from youtube

Blog and vlog together

There is no restriction that anyone can do both blog and vlog together but there should be a passion for the work he does without passion he can’t be succeeded in both fields nowadays both things are attracting the different audience so blogging and vlogging will generate a great income and make your business to run successfully on online. Blogging and vlogging have a great career if you do with a passion.

Vlogging pros and cons

Now, we will discuss about the pros and cons of vlogging

  • Get easily ranked in search engines
  • Reach your target audience easily
  • Gain popularity
  • If you like your privacy then don’t do it
  • Need a good camera and laptop to edit videos
  • Creating a vlog will take time

Difference between blog vs vlog

I hope that you got a clear cut view about the vlog and blog in the short term difference between blog and vlog is  simple blog is written content and vlog is video content

Conclusion blog vs vlog

Both are good platform to establish about yourself and about your business, so its all about your interest where you want to establish yourself, if you are good at impeccable writing skills then go for blogging and if you have no fear of facing camera, good at editing videos then go for vlogging so its all depends on your interest. I hope now you have very clear view about blog vs vlog so now you choose blog vs vlog which one suits you. so whatever you start give your best in it whether its a blogging or vlogging 

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