Facts about Festival Baisakhi 2021

Baisakhi 15 APRIL 2021

Baisakhi has a special significance among people of Sikh religion. On this day, their tenth guru, Guru Govind Singh organized the order of Khalsa. This festival holds a lot of joy and excitement especially among people of the Sikh community.

How is it celebrated?

Baisakhi festival is known as a new year for Sikh people marks the time for harvesting rabi crops. People look forward to celebrating the festival of Baisakhi with bountiful production of their crop.

In the villages of Punjab and Haryana, Baisakhi is celebrated with colors and vibrancy.  People of Haryana and Punjab celebrate this festival with extra joy and excitement. The main and attractive part of this festival is a traditional folk dance, bhangra, and gidda by the people of Punjab and Haryana.  After taking an early morning bath, people go to temple and gurdwara to express their gratitude to almighty for the thankful production of crops and wish too,  for more and more successful harvesting in future. Fairs are also organized at many places. The main attractive part of these fairs is people’s performance of bhangra and other folk dances. People also enjoy these fairs by tasting different local and street foods. The joy of visiting is incomparable to others’ day of enjoying bhangra and having street foods.

Baisakhi 15 APRIL 2021
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Sikh people enjoy this festival like no other festival. They take an early morning bath and visit nearby gurudwara to attend the prayer. After kirtan, prasad is offered to those who are present there. People also sit and enjoy langar or community lunch prepared by Gurudwara’s volunteers. The kind of humanity and free service you can see in langar at Gurudwara may not be seen in other places.

Major celebrations take place at Golden temple at Amritsar and many sikhs strive to visit this temple on the day of Baisakhi.

Another important way of celebrating Baisakhi

Another important point of Baisakhi celebration is the Baisakhi procession or nagar kirtan carried through the city. Men, women and children participate in this procession with another level of enthusiasm. Bhangra dance, Gidda and other folk dances on road together with the crowd make this day very colourful and joyful.

In the evening people also express their love and greetings to their loved ones by sharing gifts and packets of sweets.

Celebration of Baisakhi with other names of festivals.

The important and extreme joyful festivals far farmers and other people associated with agriculture are celebrated across India in other names. Let’s look at the same festival in other names. People of Assam celebrate 13 April as Rongali Bihu. People of west Bengal celebrate it as Naba Barsha.

People of Bihar celebrate it as Vaisakha and people of Kerala celebrate it as Vishu and Tamilnadu celebrate it as puthandu.  You can think of this festival as famous and is celebrated across India in other names. It shows how this festival among people and what significance it holds in the hearts of Indians.


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