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Bonk Be Live | Best Live Streaming App For Android And iOS With AR, 3D Plus Many More Features



Bonk Be Live | Best Live Streaming App For Android And iOS With AR, 3D Plus Many More Features

The time is moving fast and so is the world. The modern technology is taking over the world. The new innovations and developments are taking place every now and then. Also, the internet has changed too much over the past two decades. The things have become much easier. The introduction of smartphones has led to era of apps. Thousands of applications are launched every year, but only a few are able to make up to the people’s heart. One such application is –Bonk Be Live.

The Bonk Be Live App – An Application for Youngsters

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live is a stunning application especially designed for generation Z by a team of skilled programmers from Boink Live Streaming Corporation. It is one of those social media broadcasting apps that can turn you an overnight sensation. The 26-technology startups working in Silicon Valley has already called Bonk Be Live as the game changer in live streaming industry. It now stands on the top in the broadcasting app industry.

Bonk Be Live offers phenomenal features to its users and at the same time give them an opportunity to make money by simply streaming themselves and entertaining the viewers of the stream. Moreover, it has made given a unique way of advertising to the advertisers which can give better conversions. The app is following a diverse marketing footprint for its promotion. Boink has also signed Imagically with the leading marketer of the world for the same.

Imagically – The Way to Bonk Be Live’s Success

Bonk Be Live

Boink Live Streaming Corporation recently signed a new contract with the top marketer of the world and named it Imagically. Imagically is the new contract that is signed with Greg Gifford who will help Bonk Be Live to recruit 30 million new subscribers from the US region itself. Moreover, he has been appointed the new Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs in the company.

Under this contract, the ultimate aim of the company is to invest USD25 million in the marketing of Bonk Be Live app under the guidance of Greg and expand the reach of the app in the US region and other parts of the world. The app is already on the top and with Greg’s efforts it is going to be on the cloud 9 soon.

How Bonk Be Live is better than other Social Broadcasting Apps?

Bonk Be Live

First of all, let’s talk about the speed and security of the apps. Most of the social media giants ruling the web are just lumbering machines that are totally incapable and hardly give importance to the change. Many of them though have developed the apps for the mobile users, but the interface is really poor and incompetent. But with Bonk Be Live, you get the most advanced social media broadcasting app that works fabulously well on iOS and Android smartphones.

We all know that the rate of cybercrimes has increased in number and many of these activities happen on social media. So, Bonk Be Live come up with an advanced networks and profile privacy settings to protect its users from any phishing activity. Moreover, it is working to add more augmented reality features to the app to provide an extraordinary user experience.

How Bonk Be Live has tried to outrage its Competitors?

Bonk Be Live has already studied the interface of the apps offered by its competitors and has scaled up to produce an interface that is engaging and powerful. The app has been recently revamped with some new features and a number of features are yet to be added. Some of the recently added features to the application are as follows:

  • Short games have been added to the application to help the users to earn diamonds and extra coins.
  • The in-app purchases have been made a bit cheaper as compared to its competitors.
  • You can earn money through this app and withdraw it easily.
  • It is turned to a social application for the users and they can now share music, videos, stream, messages, and can even connect with your friends.
  • This app has the capability to turn you into a superstar.

How Advertisers will be benefitted through Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live has provided an ultra-modern way to the advertisers to advertise their products and get better conversions. Apart from running their commercials and adding their logos to the carousel, the advertisers will be able to:

  • Analyze their account by paying monthly fee
  • Post news and videos
  • Launch paid advertising pages for promotion of their products/services.

Bonk Be Live is one of the best social media broadcasting applications of recent times. The app has won the hearts of thousands of users and is on a run to reach millions worldwide. If you haven’t installed it on your smartphone, go for it now!

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